what is the alpine school?

The Alpine School is a new, co-educational, non-denominational, Steiner-inspired primary school that opened in Cooma in 2019.

There is a growing consensus amongst education experts, governments and businesses in Australia and around the world that the current education system needs to be transformed in order to provide children with the skills they will need to prosper in the future. The Gonski 2.0 Report released on 30 April 2018 supports these views.

With the changing nature of jobs and professions in this digital age, there is a growing need for skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking, and The Alpine School has been founded by members of the Cooma community to provide a creative, practical and holistic education that will focus on developing these skills in every student.

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What do we mean by Steiner-inspired?

Following the core principles of the Steiner Waldorf education system, we offer a modern, holistic education which focuses on ensuring children fully realise their potential and possess the creativity and skills required to thrive in our constantly changing world.

We achieve this by offering a curriculum which focuses on creative and hands-on modes of learning, and is tailored to meet the individual needs, interests and learning style of each student.

Students emerge with a balanced development of intellectual, cognitive, creative and imaginative capacities, practical life skills, a strong sense of self and a life-long love of learning.

Once we realize that people have very different kinds of minds, different kinds of strengths — some people are good in thinking spatially, some in thinking language, others are very logical, other people need to be hands on and explore actively and try things out — then education, which treats everybody the same way, is actually the most unfair education....
— Howard Gardner - Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University

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The Steiner waldorf Philosophy

This internationally recognised educational movement is thriving in over 1200 schools in 60 countries, and continues to grow. Click here to learn more about the Steiner Waldorf approach and the focus of the Primary years curriculum.

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